Build an inclusive Global Team

The world’s first live-streamed destination and
cultural orientation programs to provide teams
with a genuine appreciation of other cultures,
customs and work etiquettes.


Our Method

Real-world travel is a multi-sensory experience where we explore the destination, discover the local culture and customs, and have encounters with locals that cultivate empathy and trust. Our pioneering live, virtual programs combine these elements to provide impactful destination & cultural orientation.
Life in the Country
Cultural Etiquettes
Workplace & Business Etiquettes

Learners will visit the country through this live-streamed session and gain practical insights about daily life besides gaining destination orientation.


In the company of our local presenters, learners will gain an insight about cultural do's and don'ts relating to the country.


A live, virtual ‘business trip' in which learners will meet employees at a local company and learn about workplace and commercial etiquette.

How It Works


Our Destination & Cultural orientation programs for teams accommodate up to 100 learners per session.

For each country, you will find a selection of sessions covering destination exploration, and one session each on cultural etiquettes and workplace etiquettes.

Organisations can pick and choose a combination of sessions that best suit their requirements.

Our programs can be organised as per the organisation’s requirements (subject to time zone difference with the host country and the availability of our local teams). For bespoke requirements please contact us.

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