Motivational hour session: Shanghai Downtown tour

Take a splendid walk along Shanghai's famous waterfront and discover the area as well as the local culture.

Duration : 60 mins     Max Size : 100     Destination : Shanghai  

Category : Tours & Experiences     Recommended For : Businesses & Teams


Most images or photos of Shanghai city that you may have seen probably are of the stupendous skyline of the city, right along the river Huangpu, all taken from various angles left, right or centre. If you’ve ever wondered how that was possible, then you’re going to enjoy the sights on this tour. Join us for a tour on the Bund or Waitan, a waterfront area right opposite those skyscrapers and you’ll be amazed by the scenery on this side of the river too. This tour is ideal not just for a destination orientation but also to learn about the local culture. Get an insight into local life in one of China's most iconic cities.

The Bund is fantastic walkway along the river Huangpu that is nearly 1.5kms long, and the most famous place in Shanghai. With buildings from the 19th and early 20th century, at the Bund you can see the changes in Shanghai that developed over more than a 100 years.  The buildings from the era of British settlements are still as aesthetic as ever, and the area is often the backdrop for many a wedding photo shoot.

As we walk along the Bund, you will spot a large domed-building beside the Big Ben-inspired Clock Tower. This marks the centre of the Bund. The domed-building once housed the banking giants HSBC, but is now home to another local bank. The Clock Tower is fully functional even today, and chimes the tune of a regional Communist song every fifteen minutes. You might also want to ask our host what New York Wall Street’s bull statue is doing at the Bund in Shanghai.

Towards the latter part of the tour, we take you across the road, to Shanghai’s most popular street – Nanjing Road. Pedestrianised for a stretch of nearly 2kms, this area offers movies, shopping, hotels, restaurants – everything you could ask for to enjoy a whole day’s outing. We give you a glimpse into this, especially through some unique street snacks like skewered meat/tofu on sticks, frozen yogurt, waffle cone ice creams with a variety of toppings, sticky rice treats and the famous Rabbit candy.

Groups of small sizes will enjoy this tour soaking in the fascinating sights of Shanghai’s Bund and Nanjing Road, and seeing the mouth-watering and unique food choices at the shops there.

Your Presenter

  Ben Shi Huabing
Ben  is a native of Shanghai and has  lived in the city for 40 years and has been witness to its sporadic rise  in the past few decades. As a native Ben knows the city like the back of his hand, as the adage goes. 
A travel enthusiast at heart, Ben dreams of  visiting every country on the planet. 

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